Mixed Samplers

 Mixed Sampler- 48 Stems
 Mixed Sampler- 36 Stems
 Mixed Sampler- 24 Stems
 Mixed Sampler- 15 Stems

Florist Choice Bouquet Boxes

 Bouquet Box- Large
 Bouquet Box- Medium
 Bouquet Box- Small

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We have the best selection of beautiful protea, the world's most beautiful and unique flora. Convey your love, sympathy, joy, and best wishes to those close to you or send them as gifts for any occasion.
Our Hawaiian, Californian, and other protea are carefully grown, picked and shipped direct to your doorstep.

Try one or more of our Protea Mix Samplers or order our Florist Choice Bouquet Box which contains the best of the available seasonal variety. We ship Federal Express/UPS from our farms to your door. Thank You for visiting


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